Ye Olde Bank
Ye Olde Bank is available in two locations: The Town Square and the Forest. If you enter from the Town Square by pressing Y, you have access to the full range of actions. The only function you can perform in the Forest is (B)anking your money. This causes you to toss all your gold on hand up into the air, where a large, ugly vulture catches it and flies away with it. They deposit it at the bank for you though, no worries.

It has been speculated, tongue in cheek, that this is where all the bags of gold come from, which are found littering the forest floor. In reality, not a single gold piece is lost during transit. Or so Ye Olde Banking Authority informs us.

Bank Functions Edit

Functions inside the bank include depositing, withdrawing, and transferring money. You can also rob the bank if you are a Thief and have a fairy in your pocket. Here's a chart of Bank Robbery Amounts.
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You can try to rob the bank without a fairy, but all you get is a snarky comment.

You can deposit or withdraw any or all of your money at any time. Pressing "1" will tell the system to withdraw or deposit "all", depending on which you've selected.

Transferring money is limited in the Colored Realms to 2 transfers per day of no more than 500 gold each. There is a Nuklear LoRD tradition of giving 1000 gold to a player as soon as they slay the dragon. Sometimes these monies are withheld if the would-be giver sees the dragon killer as too far ahead, as the gift of more cash will enable them to get even further ahead.

Interest Edit

Every time the Nuklear day rolls over, the bank calculates 10% interest on all gold you have in your account and adds it in for you. If you end one day with 5000 gold, you'll start the next with 5500 gold, etc.

The only way to receive this bonus interest is to log into the game. There's no truth to the rumor that if you skip playing for a few days, the interest percentage on your account rises to as much as 14%. Thanks, tmo, for messing with all our heads for awhile, though.