Nuki sword

Your weapon is what you kill things with, whether Players , Forest Monsters , or The Red Dragon. If you have sold your weapon at King Arthur's Weapons, the in-game stats lists "Fists " in the weapon slot, and you have no additional Strength beyond what you've earned by leveling up and gems.

Weapons Table Edit

Weapon Price Strength Added
Fists N/A 0
Stick 200 5
Dagger 1,000 10
Short Sword 3,000 20
Long Sword 10,000 30
Huge Axe 30,000 40
Bone Cruncher 100,000 60
Twin Swords 150,000 80
Power Axe 200,000 120
Able's Sword 400,000 180
Wan's Weapon 1,000,000 250
Spear of Gold 4,000,000 350
Crystal Shard 10,000,000 500
Nira's Teeth 40,000,000 800
Blood Sword 100,000,000 1200
Death Sword 400,000,000 1800

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