Town Square

Main menu in LoRD: the Town Square

As soon as you (E)nter the realm, you'll encounter a list of any Daily News that has happened between the new day starting and your time of login. Once the news has finished being listed, you'll receive any Mail you've been sent, including lay requests/answers and messages about who has attacked you and whether they killed you, you killed them in self-defense, or they ran away. After you've dealt with any of that, you'll arrive at the Town Square. This is the main menu of the game.

Town Square Menu Options Description
Forest Fight monsters, get exp and gold, get forest events
King Arthur's Weapons Buy and sell weapons
Healer's Hut Heal your Hit Points
Inn Chat with other players, flirt with Seth or Violet and more!
Ye Olde Bank Deposit or withdraw Gold
Write Mail Write a message to another player
Conjugality List a list of all players married in the realm
Xpert mode descriptions are turned off, leaving only the prompts
People Online lists who is on with you and their login time
Slaughter Other Players View players who are currently playing or sleeping in the fields
Abdul's Armour Buy and sell Armour
View your stats shows you your current stats page
Turgon's Warrior Training Challenge your Master
List Warriors shows all players in the realm, dead/alive, off/online
Daily News View the news of the day
Other Places View IGMs (If available)
Make Announcement places a line of your text in the Daily News
Quit to fields Quit the game without renting a room at the Inn
Hidden Menu Description
[R]ead Mail Reads any messages you may have skipped

Tells you what day it is, the maximum bank transfer, and whether clean mode is enabled.

2 Would enable RIP if Nuklear had it.
3 Toggles ANSI on and off
+ A message
 ? Refreshes the main menu
Alt+C or AltGr+C You Are In The Presence Of A Higher Being (some kind of chat)