Slaughter Other Players

You scan for potential victims.

Asleep in the FieldsEdit

When a player quits his or her day alive, they either go to the Inn or they sleep in the fields. If they're in the fields, anyone can attack them, no matter what level they are. In order to see who is sleeping in the fields and attack them, choose (S)laughter other players from the Town Square.

List Warriors in the Fields Edit

This shows you who all is alive, online and offline. It lists their name, level, and experience, and whether they're online or offline at the moment.

If you want an online duel, seek your victims here. If you're in Blue or Green realm, make sure you ask them for permission first. Be careful; sometimes these screens don't update after a player gets a nice fat kill, levels up, or upgrades their weapon.

If you want an offline duel, jump right in and attack. You can always run away if things go poorly, and come back after healing up if you have what you need to try again.

Midnight Master Edit

Main article: Midnight Master

Midnight Master, the realm day's-end bot, is always listed as alive in the Slaughter screen. You can't kill her. If you need to refresh your stats, which is a good idea if you plan on having an online duel later, and either of you has leveled up or altered your equipment, you can mock-attack Midnight Master. Type in her name, but say No to actually attacking, and the system will make sure your stats are up to date.

Writing in the Dirt Edit

Another thing you can do here in the Slaughter screen is (W)rite in the dirt (but only if you have killed someone today) or (E)xamine what the last person wrote in the dirt. It's similar to bragging rights. Only those who have gotten a kill will be allowed to write anything that day.

Like writing Mail, you can say whatever you like. It'll be posted for everyone who (E)xamines the dirt to read.

The player with the most kills is listed at the top of the dirt screen, telling everyone how many kills they have.