The Random Number Generator (RNG) is responsible for creating, in essence, the world that is LoRD. It generates the numbers that shape your LoRD day, from logging on in high spirits, to whether that kill you try for after your forest fights surprises you with a powermove and kills you in one shot.

The RNG Decides Edit

- Which forest monsters you see
- The damage they do (and whether it gets through your armor)
- The damage you do to them
- Whether you're surprised
- Whether you're seen running
- The bard's song
- How much money you get when you rob the bank
- If there is a powermove made by you or your opponent
- Which forest events you encounter, if any
- How much money is in the sack of gold you find in the forest
- Where the prince/princess is
- What attack and for how much damage the dragon strikes you with
- All gambling results
- The number you're trying to guess when you meet the old wizard in the window
- Whether you're in high spirits or not
- Whether you catch a fairy or the thornberry bush
- Which blessing you receive if you ask for one of those instead

The RNG is also attibuted with:

- Hating certain players from round to round
- Cursing certain players for days at a time
- Picking the same number for M guesses around the same time for several players at once
- Making for a lazy or easy dragon for incredibly lucky/ill-prepared/newbie players
- Flame Breathing certain players repeatedly/day after day, when they have at least one 100 mil item and a fairy
- Plunging players into low spirits for days on end