Powermoves are extra-strong attacks made in battle. Players get them, but their opponents--offline players, forest monsters, masters, and the dragon--get them too.

Player Powermoves Edit

Here is the game calculation that figures out how powerful your powermoves are.

Damage = [(YourStrength/2) + rand(0, (YourStrength/2) - 1) - Enemy Defense] x3

Your own powermoves multiply damage AFTER subtracting the defense. The formula for Thief and Death Knight skills looks very similar, except that the multiplier for damage comes before subtracting the enemy's defense. This means that instead of your powermoves being like T skills, they come out equivalent to a Pinch.

Enemy Powermoves Edit

Enemy Powermoves in offline player fights have a 1 in 30 chance of occurring (3.3333%). They deal an additional 50% damage on top of the previously calculated damage.

Enemy Powermove Damage = NormalEnemyDamage + NormalEnemyDamage/2

Powermovers by Forest Monsters are caculated as follows. Enemy Powermove Damage = EnemyStrength/2 + Rand(0, EnemyStrength/2 -1) + Rand(0, EnemyStrength/2 -1) - your_def

Note that in this case of forest monsters, unlike in player fights, the extra damage is done before defense is taken into consideration, meaning that in some cases these powermove can be much more deadly.