Pinch is one of the Mystical abilities. You need 1 Mystical use point to be able to cast it.

Purpose Edit

Pinch is an offensive move, though it is the weakest skill attack in the game. It does 1.5x your regular attack damage, and is roughly equivalent to an automatic powermove.

Damage = [(YourStrength/2) + rand(0, (YourStrength/2) - 1)] x1.54 - EnemyDefense. (Round down fractional damage)

Strategic Use Edit

Pinches are very handy for use in the forest. M skills are versatile in that every single point can be used as a Pinch, so if you have nothing else to do with your skills that day, you can bop through the forest and pinch creatures to death. This can not only save on healing costs, but every time you kill a forest creature with a skill, you have a chance to gain a free gem.

Pinches also have a small advantage against the dragon, especially earlier in the game, before players gain 5 and 6 and 7 T skills. Sometimes having an extra Pinch or two can mean the difference between eating up enough HP to kill the dragon, or dying again in frustration.

They can be used in player fights, but again, they're not very strong. You can only use them on players higher in level than you are, so their DEF will probably be stronger. It's very possible that they will only do the standard 1 point of damage that tells you you've essentially missed your target. In the lower levels, on players who use minimal equipment, they can mean success. This can be key if the round is just starting, and you've begun as a mage.