Legend of the Red Dragon allows in-game mail to be exchanged between players, as well as having Messengers deliver automated notes.

In-Game Mail Edit

From the Town Square, you may (W)rite to any player, online or offline, and say whatever you want. Just be sure to hit other keys in the game now and again. Typing messages doesn't count toward activity in the game, and if all you do is receive and send messages for 3 minutes, the game will time you out and boot you.

A note written to an online player is delivered immediately by a Messenger. A note to an offline player will show up the next time they log in.

In Blue and Green Realms, online duels must be agreed to by both parties through in-game mail.

You can write to yourself, but the system will call you "a very stupid individual" before delivering your note. If you try to write back to yourself, the Messenger will refuse to deliver the message. Good times.

You can read and even respond to mail even when you are dead. However, you may only write to somebody new when you are alive. If you plan on getting a quick kill to begin the next day, it is advisable to log in shortly before the lockout period (23:30 Nuklear time) in order to clear all of your messages.

Romantic Mail Edit

If you're writing in-game mail to a player of the opposite gender, the game will ask you if you want to send them romantic mail, unless you have already sent romantic mail that day. This is a chance to gain experience points. If you say yes, the screen prompts you with several options which you can send to the other player. Each option comes with the option to send a pre-selected message, or you may type one of your own. Short messages like "Hey" will not be accepted, and the game will tell you you're not being very romantic.

If the other player agrees to whatever you propose, you'll gain anywhere from 10 to 50 experience points per level. If you ask for (and receive) a lay, it counts on the stats page.

Messengers Edit


A typical messenger note

Messengers are LoRD's instant-messaging service. They will automatically deliver you notes during the game. The notes sometimes arrive after a Forest fight is completed, although sometimes the messengers will wait for you to return to the Town Square before delivering them.

Topics include:

  • telling you when anyone leaves or enters the realm
  • delivering in-game mail to you
  • informing you that someone transferred you money

You may send yourself mail, but it arrives instantly and the game calls you a very stupid person. If you try to reply to yourself, the messenger refuses to deliver it.

If any mail or money transfers come to you while you're offline, they'll be waiting for you as soon as you log in.