ANSI GraphicsAbdul's ArmourAble's Armour
Able's SwordAbles' CreatureAdult Gold Dragon
AladdinAngry LiontaurApeman
AragornArmourArmour of Death
Armour of LoreAtsuko SenseiBaby Dragon
Bag of GoldBald MedusaBank Robbery
BarakBard SongsBelar
Belar's MailBent River DryadBlack Alligator
Black OwlBlack SorcererBlack Sorcerer (Level 10)
Black SoulBlack UnicornBlack Warlock
Blackjack DwarfBlood ArmourBlood Sword
Blue RealmBoneBone Cruncher
Bran the WarriorBrand the WandererBronze Armour
Brorandia the VikingBugsCamping
CharmChildrenClancy, Son of Emperor Len
CoatColored RealmsCombat
Corinthian GiantCrystal ShardCyclops Warrior
DaggerDaily NewsDark Cloak Tavern
Dark ElfDeath CrystalDeath Dealer
Death DogDeath JesterDeath Knight (Forest Monster)
Death Knight EndingDeath Knight SkillsDeath Sword
DefenseDisappearDuel Killing
Earth ShakerEmporer LenEmpty Armour
Erdrick's ArmourErnest BrownEvil Hobbit
Evil Wood NymphEvil WretchExperience
FairiesFallen AngelFedrick the Limping Baboon
Female (Character)Fire OrkFirst Dragon Kill
FistsFloating Evil EyeFlowers
ForestForest MonsterForums
FrankenMooseFrostFireFull Body Armour
GandalfGath the BarbarianGems
George of the JungleGoblin PygmyGold
Gold RequestsGolden ArmourGoliath
Gorma the LeperGraphite ArmourGreen Python
Green RealmGrizeldaGwendolens' Nightmare
HalderHammer StoneHeadbanger of the West
Healer's HutHeat WaveHeavy Coat
Hemo-globHit PointsHoll
HorseHuge AxeHuge Bald Man
Huge Black BearHuge Stone WarriorHumongous Black Wyre
InnIron ArmourIron Warrior
JabbaJennieKal Torak
King Arthur's WeaponsKing VidionLarge Green Rat
Large MosquitoLayLazy Bum
Leather VestLevelLevel 1
Level 10Level 11Level 12
Level 2Level 3Level 4
Level 5Level 6Level 7
Level 8Level 9Light Shield
List of LoRD CharactersLoRD Common AbbreviationsLong Sword
LordVersionHistoryLord MatheseMadman
Mage EndingMagic ProtectionMail
Male (Character)MarriageMassive Dinosaur
MastersMaximizing the Potential of Your Mystical SkillsMembrain Man
Merry menMidnight MasterMind Heal
Misfit the UglyModeratorsMorbid Walker
MountainMud ManMuscled Midget
Mutated Black WidowMystical SkillsNight Hawk
Nira's TeethNothing!Nuklear LORD
Nuklear TimeOld HagOld Man (DCT)
Old Man (Forest Event)Old Man (Forest Monster)Old Man (Mystical)
Old Man (disambiguation)OliviaOlodrin
Online DuelsOther PlacesPandion Knight
PinchPink ElephantPower Axe
PowermovePregnancyPrevious Games
Prince CaspianPurple MonchichiRaging Lion
Random Number GeneratorRed NeckRed Realm
Rentakis' PetResurrect BugRude Boy
Satans HelperScallian RapScreaming Zombie
Screeching WitchSenile Senior CitizenSeth Robinson
Seth the BardShadowStormWarriorShatter
Sheena the ShapechangerShogun WarriorShort Goblin
Short SwordSilent DeathSkill Events
SkillsSlaughter Other PlayersSlock
Small BearSmall ThiefSniping
SparhawkSpear of GoldSpirits
StalkingStatsStats Page
Sweet Looking Little GirlSwiss ButcherSwitching Method
Test RealmThe BartenderThe Mighty Shadow
The Mystical OneThe Red DragonThe Wizard of Darkness
Thief EndingThieving SkillsTiger of the Deep Jungle
Toraks Son, KorakTower RescueTown Square
Trojan WarriorTurgonTurgons Warrior Training
Twin SwordsTwo Headed RotweilerUgly Old Hag
Upgrading EquipmentVegetable CreatureVenereal Disease
VioletWan's WeaponWans Beast
Weak OrcWeaponWeird Event
WerewolfWhite Bear of LoreWicked Wombat
Wild BoarWild ManWild Stallion
Winged Demon of DeathYe Olde BankYoung Wizard
File:1 dragon per day.jpgFile:Abduls Armour.pngFile:Abduls Armour List.png
File:Ask Seth to Sing.pngFile:Ask for a Blessing.pngFile:Bartender on bard.jpg
File:Coloured RealmsFile:Colours.pngFile:Dark Cloak Tavern.png
File:Deadbird.jpgFile:DeathCrystal.JPGFile:Death Knight Event 1.png
File:Death Knight Event 2.pngFile:Delicately rips.jpgFile:Dragonmageliedown.jpg
File:Dragonstmichael.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Extra Ms.jpg
File:FindTheKeyThief.JPGFile:Find the key.JPGFile:First dead bird.jpg
File:Flirt with Violet.pngFile:Forest.pngFile:FreeRoom.JPG
File:GetAHorse.JPGFile:Healers Hut.pngFile:Jennie Garth.jpg
File:King Arthurs Weapon List.pngFile:King Arthurs Weapons.pngFile:Kiss from Teesha.png
File:LoRD Logo 1.pngFile:LoRD Logo 2.pngFile:LoRD Logo 3.png
File:LoRD Logo 4.pngFile:LoRD Logo 5.pngFile:MadamYouAreWithChild.JPG
File:Messenger1.JPGFile:Nudgetowoods.JPGFile:Nuki sword.jpg
File:Old Hag.pngFile:Old Man.pngFile:Old Man Charm.png
File:ReachTheTower.JPGFile:Red Dragon.pngFile:SingingAngels.JPG
File:Slaughter Other Players.pngFile:Slaughterscreen.JPGFile:Slider1.png
File:Stats Page.pngFile:Successful Fairy.pngFile:T hoochie.JPG
File:Talk to the Bartender.pngFile:The Gladius Sword.jpgFile:The Inn.png
File:Tmo.jpgFile:Tower Rescue 1.pngFile:Tower Rescue 2.png
File:Tower Rescue 3.pngFile:Tower Rescue 4.pngFile:Tower Rescue 5.png
File:Tower Rescue 6.pngFile:Town Square.pngFile:Turgons Warrior Training.png
File:Weird Event.pngFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png
File:Ye Olde Bank.pngFile:Yourhorsestumbles.JPG

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