You receive a black stallion from the fairies

In the version of LoRD that Nuklear runs, you can only find a horse by asking for a blessing from the fairies. You can get either a white mare or a black stallion, but there's no difference between the two as far as gameplay goes. For some reason, the black stallion rises from the depths of the lake the fairies bathe in, while the white mare just nudges your back.

Benefits of a Horse Edit

Extra FF Edit

When you receive a horse, your remaining forest fights will increase by 25%. If you start the day with a horse, you gain an extra 6 FF. This means if you have the standard 25 FF, you'll get 31 with a horse. If you have one child, you'll have 32 FF with a horse, etc.

DCT Availability Edit


(T)ake your horse to the DCT

When you are on horseback you can go to the Dark Cloak Tavern at will from anywhere in the Forest. You don't lose your horse when you leave the game or when you are reset after defeating the Red Dragon.

The Death Crystal Edit


They always wear a cloak

Main article: Death Crystal

There is only one way to lose your horse.

Any time you take damage in battle, whether from a master, a forest monster, or the Red Dragon, you have a 1 in 27 chance of losing your horse to a Death Crystal thrown by the enemy. Yes, even masters carry these around, apparently. You can't lose your horse during an online duel.

Your enemy always aims the Death Crystal at you, but your horse will sacrifice itself by moving in front of you. You will then "pummel your enemy with blows". Usually your enemy will then be dead. Sometimes your enemy will still survive, but with 0 HP. One more attack of any sort will finish him off. The end result is that your enemy will be dead, but you will lose your horse! Bummer.

Horse Kill Bug Edit

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Sometimes, the blow that the Red Dragon hits you with actually kills you, but there's a bug in the Red Dragon fight code that checks for the horse kill first, then checks to see if you're dead. If your horse dies to the dragon immediately following your own death, the game will let your horse slay the dragon and reset you, alive, to level one.

Many players don't care for any version of a horse kill against the Red Dragon, but others view only these bug kills as irritating. It's obvious which is which, because when there is a horse bug kill, in the Daily News there will be a line proclaiming that the Red Dragon has slain the player, followed immediately by a line proclaiming that the player has slain the Red Dragon and become a hero.