Gandalf is the level ten master. His weapon is Huge Fireballs. He has 1,800 Hit Points and a strength of 800. You require 4,000,000 experience to challenge Gandalf.

Encountering Gandalf Edit

This is the dialogue you see when you first go to the training center at level 10.

"You are now level ten.. A true honor!

Do not stop now... You may be the one to rid the realm of the Red Dragon yet... Only two more levels to go until you are the greatest warrior in the land.

Questioning Gandalf Edit

When you (Q)uestion your master to see if you have enough Experience to level up, this is what you see if you can go ahead and challenge them.

"You're becoming a very skilled warrior."

Defeating GandalfEdit

Your odds of success depend on your weapon/armour combination.

% Against Gandalf
Equipment + 40 gems HOTT+40 gems
200/200 13 23
200/400 19 31
200/1 36 53
200/4 73 86
400/200 21 34
400/400 28 44
400/1 48 66
400/4 81 92
1/200 33 49
1/400 40 59
1/1 62 79
1/4 88 95
4/200 47 67
4/400 56 76
4/1 77 90
4/4 94 98

Upon defeating Gandalf, you receive the following message:

You have bested Gandalf!

Torak's Tooth! You are great!

You receive 350 hitpoints, 150 strength and 120 defense points!



The minimum generally accepted weapon/armour that is needed to defeat Gandalf is Able's Sword/Able's Armour. Jennie HOTT or a fairy is often used on Gandalf due to the difficulty in beating him.

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