Death Knight Skills are on of the three Skills available to be chosen by your player. It is generally accepted that Death Knight Skills are inferior to Thieving Skills as they do the same damage, but your chance of getting a Death Knight Skill is only 50% each time. Gaining skills as a Thief only requires you to keep a gem on hand, and as a thief you can rob the bank if you catch a fairy.

Gaining Death Knight SkillsEdit

Death Knight Skills can be gained by meeting the Death Knights in the forest. This is a random event. You will be asked to choose the fate of a prisoner; whether to behead them or not. If you choose correctly (again a random event) you will be awarded one Death Knight Skill. If you choose incorrectly and you chose to let the prisoner go, you get nothing. If you chose to behead the prisoner and chose wrong, you get a charm point because it reminds you of Olivia.

Death Knight Event 1

Death Knight Event 2

Using Death Knight SkillsEdit

Each day you are a Death Knight, you receive one bonus Death Knight Use. Additional uses are given for every five Death Knight Skill points you have. Please note: The Legend of the Red Dragon game says it is every four skill points, however this is incorrect. However, on the day you gain a Death Knight skill divisible by four, you get a bonus use for that day.

Each Death Knight Skill use does exactly 3 times the damage of a normal attack.