This is the screen info you see if you slay the dragon as a Death Knight. Due to the short rounds at Nuklear LoRD, this is a screen that is rarely seen, since most players slay the dragon as Thieves or Mages.

EPILOGUE - The Warriors Ending


After your bloody duel with the huge Dragon, your first inpulse is to rip it's head off and bring it town. Carefull thought reveals it is much to big for your horse, so that plan is moot. Your second notion is bring back the childrens bones. Bags and bags of them for proper barial, but you realize this would only cause the towns inhabitants MORE pain. You finally decide on the Dragons heart. After adding ten years to your swords life, you finally chip off enough scales to wallow in the huge beasts insides.

When you are finished, and fit the still heart in a gunny sack you brought, (who would have thought this would be its use?) you make your way back to town. As you share your story to a crowd of excited onlookers, this crowd becomes a gathering, and this gathering becomes an assemblage, and this assemblage becomes a multitude!

This multitude nearly becomes a mob, but thinking quick, you make a speech.

"PEOPLE!" your voice booms. "It is true I have ridden this town of it's curse, the Red Dragon. And this is his heart."

You dump the bloody object onto the ground. From the back, Barak's voice is heard. "How do we know where you got that thing? It looks like you skinned a sheep!" A flicker of annoyance crosses your face, but you force a smile. "Why Barak, would you doubt me? A LEVEL 12 warrior? If I am not mistaken, you are quite a bit lower, still at level two, eh?"

Barak gives you no more trouble, and you are declared a hero by all. Violet tops off the evening by giving you a kiss on the cheek, and a whisper of things to come later that night makes even you almost blush. Almost.