Every time you log in, you'll see a list of every newsworthy item that has happened since the day rolled over. If you would like to skip this newsfeed, then press the down arrow. This includes:

  • A mysterious event at the top, in red letters, assuring you the red dragon is dangerous
  • If either Seth the Bard or Violet are married to a player, they'll have a news item just below the red text every day
    • When Seth or Violet divorce their player spouse
  • Offline Player kills
    • Optional "say something to the press" by the attacker. When you attack somebody and the result is a death, whether your own or your opponents, you may put a message about it in the newsfeed.
    • You will be asked for an emotion if you make a custom death statement. If you choose a letter that is not a choice, then no emotion will be displayed.
    • If a player chooses not to speak to the press then a generic statement will be made instead
  • Online duels
    • Successful
    • Uneventful
    • Got eluded
  • Fairy escapes
  • Walking out of the forest chipper
  • Player announcements
  • Romantic mail
    • Lays
    • Snubs
    • Dinner
    • Proposals of marriage
    • Proposal acceptances
  • Beating Masters
  • Slaying the dragon and becoming a hero.

Color-coding in the News Edit

  • Masters' names always appear in white.
  • If a player has color coded their name, it will appear that color in the news
  • For default color names
    • Purple = victim
    • White = got laid
    • Green = winner/beat master/was laid by

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