Crystal Shard is the 12th level of Weapon available in Legend of the Red Dragon.

Weapon Stats Edit

Cost: 10,000,000

Strength Gained: 500

Effective Levels Edit

Level 11, Level 12

If you're moving at a competitive speed, you won't be able to afford this before getting stuck on level 11 for a few days and getting beaten down by Turgon until you can upgrade and whoop his ass. Usually it is bought at level 12 either as an interim weapon for the first dragon, or as a (hopefully) dragon-slaying weapon for all other dragon kills.

Armour Pairings Edit

200k - 10mil

In cases of poverty, armour can be sold to purchase the Crystal Shard, and the 200k armour bought with the leftover gold. Unless you have a crapton of gems in defense, you probably won't want to be running around the level 12 forest in the Armour of Death, but it is acceptable against the dragon if you have the right skill set (aka LS, MH, fairy, lots of Ts)

Masters Edit

% Against Turgon
Equipment + 40 gems HOTT+40 gems
10/200 37 55
10/400 42 62
10/1 55 74
10/4 75 88
10/10 89 96

Forest Edit

Level 11 - extreme risk with 1m armour. high risk with equivalent armour. It's just not safe here.

Level 12 - moderate risk with 1m armour. Know who to fight. Still moderate risk with equivalent armour. Some things should not be attacked.

Level Comments