Barak is the level two master. His weapon is the Battle Axe. He has 40 Hit Points and a strength of 17. You require 400 experience to challenge Barak.

Encountering Barak Edit

This is the dialogue you see when you first go to the training center at level 2.

"You are now level two, and a respected warrior.

Try talking to the Bartender, he will see you now. He is a worthy asset... Remember, your ultimate goal is to reach Ultimate Warrior status, which is level twelve."

Questioning Barak Edit

When you (Q)uestion your master to see if you have enough Experience to level up, this is what you see if you can go ahead and challenge them.

"You know, you are actually getting pretty good with that thing..."

Defeating BarakEdit

Your odds of success depend on your weapon/armour combination. Oh wait, no they don't, because Barak is a complete wuss. Just spend the gems you get after you've slain the dragon on defense and it doesn't matter what your equipment is.

% Against Barak
Equipment + 10 gems HOTT+10 gems
0/0 99 99
0/1 99 99
0/3 99 99
0/10 99 99
1/0 99 99
1/1 99 99
1/3 99 99
1/10 99 99
3/0 99 99
3/1 99 99
3/3 99 99
3/10 99 99
10/0 99 99
10/1 99 99
10/3 99 99
10/10 99 99

Upon defeating Barak, you receive the following message:

You have bested Barak!

Children Of Mara!!! You have bested me??!

You receive 15 Hit Points, 7 strength and 3 defense points!



The minimum generally accepted weapon/armour that is needed to defeat Barak is Stick/Leather Vest.

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