Atsuko Sensei is the level seven master. Her weapon is a Huge Curved Blade. She has 600 Hit Points and a strength of 250. You require 100,000 experience to challenge Atsuko Sensei.

Encountering Atsuko Sensei Edit

This is the dialogue you see when you first go to the training center at level 7.

"Even in my country, you would be considered a good

warrior. But you have much to learn. Remember to always respect your teachers, for it is right."

Questioning Atsuko Sensei Edit

When you (Q)uestion your master to see if you have enough Experience to level up, this is what you see if you can go ahead and challenge them.

"You are ready to be tested on the battle field!"

Defeating Atsuko SenseiEdit

Your odds of success depend on your weapon/armour combination.

% Against Atsuko Sensei
Equipment + 20 gems HOTT+20 gems
30/30 3 7
30/100 6 11
30/150 13 22
30/200 43 59
100/30 8 14
100/100 12 19
100/150 22 35
100/200 56 72
150/30 13 20
150/100 18 28
150/150 31 46
150/200 66 81
200/30 24 38
200/100 33 50
200/150 51 69
200/200 82 92

Upon defeating Atsuko Sensei, you receive the following message:

You have bested Atsuko Sensei!

Even though you beat me, I am proud of you.

You receive 125 hitpoints, 50 strength and 35 defense points!



The minimum generally accepted weapon/armour that is needed to defeat Atsuko Sensei is Power Axe/Iron Armour. It has been accomplished with the Twin Swords/Bronze Armour, and people have failed with the Power Axe/Armour of Death and Jennie HOTT. Atsuko isn't called Atsucko for nothing; she's vicious on some days.

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