Armour adds to your base level Defense points to give you your total DEF score. Armour is very important to withstand your opponent's attack. You can only buy armour at Abdul's Armour, located in the Town Square.

List of ArmourEdit

Armour Price Defense Added
Nothing! N/A 0
Coat 200 1
Heavy Coat 1,000 3
Leather Vest 3,000 10
Bronze Armour 10,000 15
Iron Armour 30,000 25
Graphite Armour 100,000 35
Erdrick's Armour 150,000 50
Armour of Death 200,000 75
Able's Armour 400,000 100
Full Body Armour 1,000,000 150
Blood Armour 4,000,000 225
Magic Protection 10,000,000 300
Belar's Mail 40,000,000 400
Golden Armour 100,000,000 600
Armour of Lore 400,000,000 1000

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